04 January 2007

Poetry Thursday: Randomness

I had the best of intentions this week. I've been thinking about what I was going to post today since last Poetry Thursday. Alas, I let life take over once again and I didn't get much writing done. At least, I didn't create the type of verse suitable for the discerning PT readers. I did write a senryu to explain my state of mind this week:

Nervous twitch caused by
kids' long division homework,
lack of Kahlua.

I also helped my daughter C1 compose some tongue-twisters for her vocabulary homework:

Processing produce prevents pesky parasites.


Whiny wimpy woman wiggles for warmth.

Also, M got a passing grade today for the poem she wrote about the Revolutionary War. Here is an excerpt (I resisted the urge to edit):

I was just about to make a run for my house,
When I saw it,
A man with a loaded rifle came up and said,
"You filthy, ludicrous, insolent, heathens!"
And he shot.
The body of a woman holding a child fell to the ground.
The child cried,
And no one comforted him.
I stayed awestruck at what I had just witnessed,
No one even went to help the baby,
Or find out if the woman was truly dead.

As you can see, I haven't figured out how to balance being a mommy and a poet like January. Wish me better luck next week!
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