12 February 2005

Body Update

First off, I am still at 235 lbs. I didn't exercise a bit this week, and my water intake was only about 24 oz. a day. My mind is almost ready but I haven't gone to the next step of really pushing myself into action.

I did make one change this week. I started cutting down on the sugar in my coffee. That may not seem like much, but those who know me IRL have seen me use a LOT of sugar. Three weeks ago, I got to a point where I couldn't even taste the sugar until I had used about 14 teaspoons. This is in a 12 oz. cup on top of three teaspoons of half-and-half and a packet of hot chocolate mix. I drink two cups like that every morning. I've always taken pride in the fact that I don't normally drink soda, but those two cups are equivalent to about six 12-oz. cans of Dr Pepper. The empty calories I thought I was avoiding are right there in my morning java. I guess I always knew that but I didn't want to admit it because I am very unpleasant without my AM caffeine.

Anyway, in the past week I have worked my way down to three teaspoons of sugar in my coffee and I switched to low-fat non-dairy creamer. Of course, I am still dumping that packet of hot chocolate in my cup so I haven't lowered the calorie count by much. I am going to try switching to hot tea next week; that will cut the calories in half.

As for exercise, I asked ABM to get me a "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD for Valentine's Day. If he doesn't get it, then I will definitely put the DVD in my Netflix queue so I can get started. Another idea I had was to buy a dance DVD for the kids and do that with them. My top choices are either another DDR game (the girls have almost mastered the PS1 version) or a dance video from Fitness Beginnings. I haven't ordered from them but they seem to have a wide variety of exercise videos for kids. M was in dance for three years when she was younger and we would love to have all the kids in dance now, but we can't afford it. I thought that a video that teaches vintage dances like the foxtrot and the hustle would accomplish several goals for me. I would be able to introduce them to classic tunes that I love, they would get fit, and they would learn a skill that would serve them well in adulthood. Plus, it could be a painless way to spend time with the kids.
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