26 November 2008

Will you be fighting the crowds on Black Friday?

I read an article on NewTeeVee about shopping on Black Friday, and it made me think about our Christmas shopping plans. ABM's desire to brave the crowds has diminished over the years, so I don't think he will be heading out among the throng on Friday. He doesn't mind all the people but there isn't anything new and cool being offered at a radically low price to entice him.

I think the heyday of Black Friday for us was about five years' ago when stores first started offering doorbuster items and electronics were coming down in price. ABM and his shopping team (which consisted of his mom and his aunties) got lucky several years in a row and loaded up on $50 DVD players, $10 crockpots, and $5 coffee makers. Many stores are offering the same type of items on sale this year, but the ones we bought years ago are still in use in our houses so there is no need to replace them yet. The kind of stuff that we need or want this year is either in a category that is never offered in a Black Friday sale (I'd love to see yarn for $1 a skein, for instance) or is not priced low enough to get ABM out of bed at 4a.
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