03 February 2005

I've created a monster

A few weeks' ago, I told ABM that I was planning to scale down my stashette from three 18-gallon containers to one. To him, this meant that everything in my stashette was up for grabs, although I didn't know this at the time. He has been under a bit of stress this week so he wanted to practice some "knitting therapy" and make another scarf on the round loom. Did he pick something from the vast amount of cheap acrylic that I have? No, of course not. When I got home from work, I found that he had picked the most expensive yarn in my stashette, an $8/ball wool-blend that I had set aside to make a So-Called Scarf. The look of horror in my eyes told him that he was wrong before I could say anything. Now, before you jump on me for not wanting to share my yarn with my DH, let me advise you that he didn't pick it for its beautiful color or because he needed a certain gauge or because he recognized the quality of the yarn. Why did he pick it? "It was the first one I saw that had three balls together." He was looking strictly at having enough yarn for his project. The man also knows nothing of dye lot; he will pluck one skein of yarn out of a 10-skein set that was put aside to make a sweater, not understanding that I can't just go and buy another skein and have it match.

Luckily, ABM had not started his scarf yet so he didn't have to frog anything. Before I even changed out of my work clothes, I grabbed a trash bag and pulled several skeins of acrylic out of the stashette for him to use. I also apologized to that man of mine, but he wasn't offended at all. The funny thing is that he doesn't even like wool so if he had read the ball band he probably would have put it back. Of course, ABM would never read a ball band because then that would turn his new stress-relieving hobby into something close to work :-). I always call myself a mindless knitter, but I think he is catatonic. Still, I guess having a knitting husband will benefit me at some point.
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