28 December 2006

Poetry Thursday: Untitled, 24 Oct 1989

I've had words and ideas in my head all week, but I couldn't work them into a cohesive poem. So I am pulling out another old poem. Honestly, I fell victim to all the last-minute craziness of the holidays and didn't take time to put pen to paper. I do want to move writing to a higher spot on my priority list, so I need to figure out how to fit it in.


Sitting in a lobby
The size of a Ritz cracker
Waiting for a faceless someone
To mispronounce my name
So that I may follow the garbled sound
Down the antiseptic hall
To a nondescript office,
Sit in a vegetable-colored chair,
And answer soul-stealing questions
(Knowing that they have been asked
Five times already
That very day.)
All this I must endure
To recover my peace of mind.

--Dani M. Sanders, 24 Oct 89
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