10 February 2005

Well, I've Never!

Is it odd for me to be proud of being behind the times? ABM wants me to have a cell phone and I am strangely resistant to the idea. He has carried one for years and now he thinks that I need one. I understand why he would think that. The organization for which I am working does not have phones on the employees' desks and there isn't a public phone in the break area. The e-mail is heavily monitored, as well; anything from the outside that is not work-related or pre-approved will not get through. They do, however, allow employees to use their cell phones in the work area but that has been of little use to me since I don't carry one. Almost everyone else around me does, though, so the few times I've needed to call home in the middle of the day I've borrowed a phone from a coworker. ABM thinks it is a major faux pas to ask someone to use their cell phone unless it is a dire emergency. So he added a phone for me to his plan.

There is a part of me that takes perverse pleasure in not joining the wireless generation. I don't even want to put this phone in my purse because then I will never be able to say again that I have never owned a cell phone. Once I make a call, it will be all over; I will be one of them. I like being culturally aware but I resist doing things that are too popular. There's no getting around it, I suppose. ABM is insistent.
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