09 March 2005

Despite encouragement from Alison at the blue blog (the home of Fix-It February), I still haven't frogged the front of my disaster sweater. I pondered the possibility of turning it into a cardigan, but I don't really know how. Although I put a bit of work into it, I think I would rather just frog the whole thing and knit the yarn into something else. I am thinking about making Grace from the Spring '04 issue of Knitty. My yarn isn't mohair, but it is sport weight and I think it would make a cute casual top for my 12-year-old.

You may be asking, "When is she going to get to the afghans? Isn't her blog called the Year of the Afghan?" Yes, it is and I know I need to get back in line if I am going to meet this year's goal. My mini-goal for this week is to dig out the Rambling Rows afghan that I started oh-so-long ago and see what size needles I was using. I know I was using long straights which made the project too awkward to carry around. If I can get it onto circulars, I'll be cookin' with gas!
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