12 March 2005

Health Update

Weight: 260 lbs.

Things are going a little better this week. I exercised four times, but I only managed about 15-20 minutes per session. To see any changes, I know that I will have to step that up to 30 minutes. Also, very little of that exercise was aerobic. It was mostly stretching with a little weight-lifting thrown in. The next DVD in my next queue is Molly and Roni's Dance Party, Vol. 2, so I hope to bust a move and break a sweat next week.

My diet has changed very little. The high-calorie coffee is still calling to me and Friday was the only day where I succeeded in drinking water instead of sweet iced tea with my lunch. That is about to end, however, because I signed up for eDiets on Thursday. The minute I hit the order button I felt guilty because I know most of the plan from my previous subscription to the service, and they don't even include the support groups in the $2.99/week fee anymore. Still, I've already paid the $38.87 (non-refundable) for the next 13 weeks so I am not going to waste it by not following the plan. This time around, I am going to print out my menus and such so that when I cancel in three months I will have the info to keep me going.
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