13 March 2005

Lazy Day; Am I Delusional?

We didn't go to church this morning because ABM wasn't feeling well (he said he is having problems with his blood pressure and burning in his stomach). There was already a volunteer lined up for Youth Worship, so I called her and told her to just make today a movie day with the two brand-new Veggie Tales DVDs that I left on the shelf. With our only obligation covered, we proceeded to have a guilt-free lazy day. The kids played outside. ABM spent the whole day on the couch watching the first season of Soul Food. Maia and I watched episodes from the third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, which is my way of gently educating her about sex and other icky stuff. It has been great, even if I didn't get any knitting done. We even get to have pizza delivered for dinner!

Lately, I seem to be immersed in fashion. Project Runway was must-see TV for the girls and I. The SpongeBob blanket involved me pulling together elements from several different sources. The new wannabe-funky magazine knit.1 made its way into my shopping cart. I even watched an episode of Faking It where they turned a drill sergeant into a fashionista. All of this exposure to how clothing is created has given me the delusional thought that I could design something. Me, the girl who has always thought of herself as more verbal than visual. I'm having fantasies of designing clothes for my girls. I must divest myself of this delusion immediately. Of course, ABM isn't helping the situation; when I told him about me designing clothes, he said, "Why not?" If the man knew his wife at all, he would realize that she is not creative enough to design anything. Where has he been for the past 15 years?

A few months' ago, I was all enthusiastic about writing a novel. I was convinced that I was going to write a best-seller that would have me working the talk show circuit. The problem was, I didn't have an idea in my head. Months before that, I was ga-ga over jewelry making. I get so excited about a new idea that sometimes it scares me. Luckily, I am mature enough now not to run off and invest money into every flight of fancy that I have. I wish I could be more grounded like those people who have one hobby for 30 years and are very prolific. Those folks are known for something among their family and friends and people will have great things to say about their work when they die.
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