01 March 2005

Tuesday Night Knitting Roundup

First order of business: I must confess that I failed miserably at the Fix-It February thing. When I didn't finish SpongeBob by the 31 Jan deadline, I should have realized that I wouldn't have time to work on anything else. If I mention another knit-along, remind me of this failure. My 2005 afghan goal should be the center of my attention, anyway.

Speaking of that goal, am I working on a blanket or afghan right now? Heck, no! This is what I am currently knitting:

I'm hot stuff now -- I figured out how to crop my faded bedsheets out of the picture! Posted by Hello

This is the Ghetto G scarf that I mentioned a while back. The free pattern is on Mayflwr's blog, in one of her Sep 2004 posts. Can I justify working on this instead of my goal? Well, I'll try. It was already started, I know the pattern by heart, and I needed a project that I could grab without thinking when I was heading out to work on Monday morning. The CEO has become accustomed to seeing me sitting in a rocking chair at the cafeteria entrance when he passes me at 7:55a on his way to starting group devotions. I didn't want to disappoint the man!

Even though I don't have a recipient in mind for this scarf, I feel the need to finish it simply because ABM has commented that he rarely sees me complete any of my needlework projects. Next on the list is probably Isaac's tennis vest since it is so close to completion. I doubt that I will post a photo of that, though, unless I can figure out how to take a decent picture of dark green yarn.
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