28 February 2005

Give me your unwanted, unopened, barely touched lotions yearning to be used

Normally I post something deep and reflective at the beginning of the week. However, the inner sanctum of my brain is a scary place today, so I am going to start the week with something light.

After having a sleepover with my best friend on Saturday night, I realized that I have become the Keeper of the Specialty Lotions. I have a tendency to wash my hands a lot; not in an OCD way, but I do it quite often. My skin is already dry, so the handwashing takes an added toll. As a result, I use a LOT of lotion and I am always running out. My friends and coworkers have caught on to this, and lately they've been giving me all this tiny bottles of lotion. You know the kind -- it comes in a gift basket that your second cousin gave you because she only sees you once a year but she drew your name in the Christmas gift exchange and figured that all women love a basket with a scented candle and some fancy lotion in it. (For the record, I do not like candle/lotion/bath salt gift baskets; however, one of those gift sets that has a mug and some fancy cocoa/coffee/tea in it would rock my world.)

My best friend seems to be a magnet for these baskets and gets several of them every year. She tries each lotion exactly twice, and then it goes in a bucket in her bathroom to await the time when someone asks for lotion. Well, this weekend I was that someone and I just happened to ask while she was in a decluttering mood. Now I have several purse bottles of lotion that smell like everything from apricots to cucumbers to mint.

See how good I am at filling three paragraphs with absolutely nothing?
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