20 March 2005

Why do I knit what I knit?

Over at Moth Heaven, the author posted a list of reasons why she picks some of the sweaters that she knits. It was a very interesting post (see 18 Mar) but I don't identify with any of her reasons. Since I don't have a large stash or access to a real yarn shop, I guess I am not tempted as easily by new projects. Until recently I hadn't bought a knitting book or magazine in almost two years, so when I run across a knit-along online I usually don't have access to the pattern they are using. I do read Knitty.com and love most of the patterns, but I rarely have the right yarn or needles on hand.

One thing that I am guilty of is knitting projects to impress others. Much of my knitting is done in public, so I tend to pick projects that will make the non-knitters watching me go "Wow!" I like to knit at home until the project has a recognizable pattern or shape to it, and then I take it to work so the passersby can admire it. I admit it -- I like to have my ego stroked every once in a while :-).
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