19 March 2005

Moving in the right direction

Starting weight: 260 lbs.
This week's weight: 258 lbs.

As you can see from my two-pound weight loss, I stuck to my eDiets plan this week. I had originally planned to use the Heart Smart option, but I decided that the Slim-Fast option is more realistic for me. Some people may think that Slim-Fast or liquid diets in general are not a good option because they aren't using "real" food. My reality is that if I didn't drink a Slim-Fast shake for breakfast, I would be drinking two cups of some fancy high-calorie coffee drink and then eating whatever cake/doughnuts/candy is available on the "help yourself" table at work. eDiets is also very good about providing you with the nutritional information for every item they have put on your meal plan, so I can make substitutions if I run out of Slim-Fast.

The bad news is that I didn't exercise at all this week. I didn't get my DVD from NetFlix and I haven't been too happy with what I have available at home. So I am going to try something different. The school system has decided that they will not pick M up in front of the house; she has to go up the street to catch the bus. In light of recent events in the news, this makes ABM and I uncomfortable because we can't see her from the house. On Monday I am going to start walking her to the bus stop and then walking back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the bus stop until she leaves. The sidewalk is on an incline so I think I should get a bit of a workout. It will only be for 10-15 minutes a day but I'm hoping this will push me toward doing more.

Can you catch a cold via Bloglines? I have been visiting some germy blogs where the authors have been posting about their miserable week-long illnesses and I think I caught something. So those of you reading this might want to take some echinacea :-). Meanwhile, I am going back to bed because I am finding it difficult to sit up in my computer chair.
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