07 April 2005

Exercise: none

I was once a big fan of TechTV. It was a great station that gave me lots of tech info and made me look like a computer guru to my less wired friends. It held a special place in my geek wannabe heart. Then G4, a gaming network, bought out TechTV. Unlike many TechTV fans who responded with ire on message boards all over the net, I thought it might be kinda cool. I had never seen G4 but I like computer and video games and I looked forward to having a bit more of that content mixed in with my tech news. Little did I know that all my favorite presenters would be replaced and that practically all the tech news would be removed from the station. Still, a few of the new gaming-related shows were interesting and informative so I stuck around. Now, however, I think that I have reached my limit.

Starting next week, G4 will be debuting a show called The Whip Set. It features fast cars and and the kind of women who only pay attention to men who drive those sorts of cars. They'll be doing features on the clubs and hot parties that all the underground racers attend. Their tag line is "This is the show with the cars you want and the women you can't have." Huh? What does any of this have to do with computers or video games? If this was on MTV, I wouldn't even bat an eye; it would be a much better fit there. Of course, G4 has already changed the format of their current shows so that they are less about giving useful information and more about looking cool and appealing to a 14-year-old boy's sense of humor. Perhaps The Whip Set is in the right place, after all.
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