21 June 2006

Poetry Thursday: She Knew Not Her Own Beauty

"Faineant" instead of "trifling"
"Presenter" instead of "host"
"Trainers" instead of "sneakers"
These are the words I love the most.

This week's suggestion was to create a poem using words you love or hate. I enjoy slang from other English-speaking countries, but it was difficult for me to work phrases like "dead common" into a poem. I mulled it over all week and the four lines above were the best I could do.

Since today's four lines barely constitute a poem, I am going to share one of my old poems from my youth. I chose this poem because it contains some of the feeling I have for Jill Scott, even though it was written many years before I ever heard of her. I had to resist the urge to edit the poem as I typed it up; I would have written it much differently today. Perhaps I should take up that challenge for next week.

She Knew Not Her Own Beauty

The brilliant adoration emanating
From his amber-tinted gaze
Startled her at first.
She was but a simple girl
Who did not deserve such attention
As she padded quietly
Across the hardwood floor
To refresh his iced tea,
Her skirts swishing gently
Against her smooth, coffee-brown legs.
She recovered swiftly, however,
With a quick, almost defiant
Toss of her head, causing her braids
To tumble from their silver clasp.
Then she cooly returned his gaze
With eyes that spoke of
All that is womanly,
And dared him to love her.

--Dani Sanders, 22 Jan 1990
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