06 April 2005

Why do I torture myself so?

Exercise: none

This week's podcast slate was a hodgepodge. I finally figured out that I could monitor podcasts using Bloglines, so I added my favorites plus a bunch of new ones to make it easier to try them out while I was at work.

--Geeks On had a girl on the panel this week and discussed the merits of the Nintendo DS vs. the PSP. They also mentioned one of my favorite gaming websites, Home of the Underdogs. It is perfect for the broke and/or nostalgic PC gamers. BTW, they agreed with me that Halle Berry was the worst choice to play Storm in the X-Men movies so I will love them forever.
--If you are interested in video games, here are a few more of my podcast recommendations: Orange Lounge Radio To Go, Game On The Street, VideoGameNews Radio, and Video Games Show.
--I tried out Pop Goes the Culture!, but their current podcast has some terrible sound issues. I'll have to check out their archives before I decide whether it will go on my list of favorites.
--Still not sick of Coverville? Check out show #53, the acapella extravaganza. I can't believe the full, rich sound that can be achieved with just voices!

After zipping through a few other boring podcasts , I found Homeschool Habitat. Listening to this husband-and-wife team discuss their plans made me so jealous. For those of you who don't know, I homeschooled M for several years and gave it up reluctantly to go back to work. Despite all the challenges, I loved homeschooling and lately I have been missing it a lot. Why on earth would I torture myself by listening to a talk show about the subject? I am so ready to pull my kids out of school now. I'm not a touchy-feely-lovey mommy and there are only so many rounds of tea party that I can stomach, so teaching my kid was a bonding experience for me. Trying to carve out some quality time on the weekend just isn't the same.
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