09 April 2005

Health Update; Blogger is Buggin'

Starting weight: 260 lbs.
Last week: 255 lbs.
This week: 255 lbs.

Yes, I am holding steady once again. Is this beginning to sound like a broken record? Well, I am going to take steps to rectify the situation.

First off, the exercise. I know that I will walk outside in the mornings before work once I get my mp3 player, but that is several weeks away. In the meantime, I think I will stick with Molly and Roni dance routines and look for more DVDs in that genre. The other things I tried bored me after one go, but that silly disco routine to "I've Got the Music in Me" has been stuck in my head for two weeks! I just got the DVD for Molly and Roni's 1950s sock hop and I can't wait to try it.

As for my eating plan, I need to change it. The Slim-Fast plan just doesn't work for me past breakfast and morning snack. Eating a Lean Cuisine entree and a small salad for dinner is much more satisfying, so I am going to start doing that to see if it makes a difference.

After a few good weeks, I've given up drinking water again. It is a difficult habit for me to cultivate because I dislike the taste of it and none of the little tricks like putting a lemon in it seem to help. When I get up to about 48 oz. a day, it makes me feel so bloated; I can't imagine drinking 64 oz. I also hate going to the bathroom 12 times a day. I've heard that the frequent urination stabilizes itself but I can't ever seem to get to that point. Despite all of this whining, however, I am going to give water another shot but not without a little help. I plan to buy some of those Crystal Light To Go packets because I really like the taste of those. We used to buy them individually at the gas station but I just saw a commercial for buying them by the box at the supermarket.
In other news, has anyone else notice that Blogger has been difficult to access this week? If you see three days' worth of posts show up on my blog all at once, that's why. I missed posting my knitting-in-progress update yesterday because I couldn't get to the Blogger page at all. Hopefully, I can get back on schedule next week.
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