27 April 2005

Podcast Talk: Podcast Pickle

There are several podcast directories out there that can't really hold a candle to Podcast Alley, but I found one that is trying. It is called Podcast Pickle, and I heard it advertised on Coverville. What makes this one different is that you aren't stuck voting for just one favorite podcast a month for the rankings; you can rate as many shows as you want. Another thing I like is that they use star ratings similar to Netflix. They also grade the podcast for content, using the familiar movie rating system (G, PG, R, etc.). Add all this to the 60-second preview you get with each podcast listing, and it becomes much easier to pick a show that is safe for work.

Life has been busy. I have things I want to write about on the blog, but I feel guilty taking time away from everything else to sit down and compose my thoughts. As usual, my most productive hours are wasted at work. I've been getting up earlier to walk before work, but I am so tired when I come home that I have been going to bed early. Perhaps I can sneak in a longer post tomorrow during my lunch break. Ciao!
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