31 May 2005

Exercise: 25 minutes (Honey Kalaria's Bollywood Workout)

I'm a bit frustrated with my lack of weight loss, so I am going to focus more on exercise this week. In the past, I have been able to stray a few hundred calories from my plan and still lose weight as long as I exercised every day. Why I stopped when I was on a roll two years' ago was just pure laziness. Even though exercise works for me, I have rarely enjoyed it. That's why I keep trying new exercise DVDs; I am trying to recapture the enthusiasm I felt when I was taking tap classes and learning new routines.

Honey Kalaria kicked my butt tonight! I made it through 20 minutes of the beginners' routine on her Bollywood Workout DVD, but then I had to stop it and do my own cool down. My calves were killing me and I had sweat rolling down my body. I rarely sweat while exercising, and this was with the A/C on! My muscles in my upper and lower body feel used. Ms. Kalaria doesn't skimp on the stretching, either. The past few workouts I tried only did a five-minute warmup; this DVD's warmup routine is 10 minutes and you feel like you've actually done something. In addition to the beginner's routine, there are two advanced routines. This DVD is aimed toward exercise, but she also has a set of DVDs that are more like dance instruction. I don't think those are available in the States, though.
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