28 May 2005

Can you go home again?

Superstarra Christie pointed me to a pattern for a round baby blanket that was part of the Knitlist's gift exchange. I keep forgetting that list is out there. I was subbed to the Knitlist for several years during the time when the url was www.kniton.com. I finally unsubbed because the list was too big for me. I felt restricted by the "one post a day, stay strictly on-topic" rule. I understand why it is necessary with thousands of members, but I wanted a more intimate atmosphere. I ended up finding it at the Variegations list.

Thinking back, the Knitlist was instrumental in my knitting education when I returned to knitting as an adult around 1996. At that time I didn't even know that wool was available in skeins for the average person to buy! I had dial-up access back then complete with long-distance charges, so visiting websites was painful. The Knitlist was the place where I learned what the hot patterns were in the knitting community. Remember the Wonderful Wallaby, anyone? I was thinking about subbing again and lurking for a little while to catch up on the trends. I get most of that info from blogs now, but I might still pick up something new.
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