07 May 2005

Health Update

The first week of Change One did not go so well. The first change is eating a healthy breakfast which is basically one grain/one dairy/one fruit. There were two main problems. First, I was a woman with an issue this week (Biblical euphemism). This sapped me of almost all my energy so I did not get up in time to toast my English muffin, thus skipping my grain. Second, the thought of 8 oz. of yogurt made me gag, so I skipped my dairy. I ended up having a banana and coffee for breakfast every morning. It was no surprise that I was ravenous by lunchtime.

I'm not giving up yet, folks. I am going to do the breakfast week again to try to get a handle on it. Also, my friend at work didn't do the plan with me last week. She's still searching for that magic diet bullet but I have convinced her to join me while she is waiting for it to show up :-). Instead of muffins, I am going to switch back to instant oatmeal because it is something I can prepare at work if I don't get up early. In addition, I am going to switch to 4 oz. cups of custard-style yogurt. It is what I grew up eating, and I think my body has been trained to think of 4 oz. as a full serving of yogurt. Whenever I eat an 8 oz. cup, I have to choke down the second half.

I got more exercise than I expected. Since I am focusing on eating, I wasn't planning to start exercising until week 5. However, I ran out of stuff to do with the kids in Youth Worship on Sunday so I popped in the Molly and Roni sock hop DVD. These kids went nuts! We ended up dancing hard for 30 minutes and broke a sweat, which is unusual for me. My legs were even sore the next day, but I didn't rest because ABM decided that we needed to start walking now that he gets off work earlier. So, I did 20 minutes on Monday and 15 minutes on Tuesday. Unfortunately, my issue kicked in on Wednesday so I blew off exercising for the rest of the week. I have a feeling that the kids at church will ask about dancing again, so I may get another 30 minutes tomorrow. I have a hip-hop dance DVD on its way from NetFlix to spice things up as well.

See my neat slider thingy at the top of my post? I got that from 3 Fat Chicks, and I really like it. Unfortunately, I am html-challenged so I can't create one for my weekly exercise minutes. Has anyone seen something ready-made on the web that I could use?
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