14 May 2005

Health Update

This morning right before I woke up, I dreamed that I stepped on the scale and it read 209. What a lovely dream! Alas, I am still at 259. I'm not too disappointed, though, because I feel like I made some changes that will help me in the long run.

I'm still doing Change One and I stuck to the breakfast plan much better this week. The biggest change I made was drinking my coffee without quite as much sugar in it. As I have mentioned before, I normally drink two loaded cups of java every morning which average about 250 calories each. This week I discovered that I can tolerate a cup of coffee with just three packets of sugar and a packet of Splenda. That's a big step down from the 15+ packets of sugar I normally dump in my cup if I don't have hot chocolate.

Exercise was a no-go again this week. I predicted that walking in the evenings with ABM was not going to last long and I was right. It wasn't his fault; the timing was just bad. We were trying to walk as soon as he got off from work which delayed the kids' showers and bedtime. So it looks like I will have to go back to walking before work. It will be much easier after next week because school lets out on Friday. I'll be able to walk without worrying about getting back in time to wake the kids up.

Carmen Electra's Hip-Hop DVD arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I haven't had a chance to actually do the workout yet but I watched it. Just like the first one, the camera angles are great and Carmen Electra is a good teacher. The moves are familiar to me from the different hip-hop videos I've seen. I just don't think this should have been a separate DVD. The warm-up was pulled from the first DVD and there is only one dance routine. It could have been combined with another DVD in the series. Also, Carmen does not have any back-up dancers in this one. For me, it gives me extra energy when a dance video has a whole room of dancers all doing the routine. This DVD could have definitely used that. Still, I think it is worth a rental to spice up your exercise routine. Since I haven't exercised in almost two weeks, I could use a little spice!
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