13 May 2005

Ramblin' On

My brain has a bit of a disconnect when it comes to my age. One of my coworkers is trying to get the Mobile MammoVan to come to her church. They'll do walk-ins for the uninsured but they want to be assured that at least 15 people show up. When she handed me the flyer, I was about to say, "This isn't for me because I am still too young for a mammogram." Before I could get the words out of my mouth, I realized that I am three years' past the minimum age. How did this happen? When did I get old enough to have my boobs squished? I'm still trying to figure out how to maximize my cleavage.

One of my online friends made a list today of things she likes to see on knitting blogs. The first thing she mentioned was lots of photos of WIPs and FOs. I'm a bad knitblogger when it comes to this. Maybe it is a bit deceiving to even call this a knitblog because I knit so slowly that I rarely have anything to show you guys. Of course, if I didn't spend quite so much time in front of the computer I might get some more reading and knitting done. I've got to work on that.

I was going to post some more thoughts but they will have to wait. ABM is kicking me off of the computer so he can have a go. I guess I will be working on that reading and knitting thing sooner than I planned (see previous paragraph)!
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