18 May 2005

Podcast Talk: Sinner's Crossroads

Exercise: 5 minutes
Breakfast: on plan
Lunch: on plan

Now that podcasting is starting to catch the attention of the mainstream media, I am starting to see a different kind of podcast creeping into the directories. Public radio stations are starting to offer up their shows via podcast after the original show has aired, and this week's show falls into that category. It is called Sinner's Crossroads, and it is hosted by Kevin Nutt. It is originally broadcast every Wednesday night on a freeform radio station called WFMU. The archives go back to 2001 but the show may be older than that. I love old-time black gospel so this show was a real find. It is comprised of old recordings of quartets and church choirs, with some preaching and commercials thrown in for a little historical flavor. For the most part, Mr. Nutt plays music by small forgotten groups, instead of Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke in their early gospel days. The sound quality is pretty much what you would expect from vinyl that is over 50 years old but I think the popping and hissing adds to the charm. I can't tell whether the presenter is a Christian or not, but at least he isn't making fun of the music. In fact, he doesn't talk much at all. He cuts in long enough to give the name of the group and the song and then starts up the next long set. I've already subscribed to this feed, and I will be talking about another WFMU show next week.
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