06 June 2005

"The 4400" is back!

Exercise: 20 min. (Honey Kalaria's Bollywood Workout)

I made it all the way through the beginner workout on the Honey Kalaria DVD today! There were a few moves that I couldn't keep repeating (the video showed eight reps but I could only do four so I marched in place) and on some moves I could only do the arms or the legs but not both together. Still, I stuck it out until the cool down. This routine brings out the intensity in me because I'm so busy trying to get the motions right that I work up a sweat.

ABM and I are so excited because we are about to get our sci-fi fix again. The 4400 is back on USA Network! The first episode of the second season was last night, but if you have a TiVo you may be able to catch it when it is rebroadcast a couple afternoons this week. If you missed the five-episode miniseries that aired last July, go to the official site and read up on the synopses. Basically, 4400 people who have disappeared over the past 50 years are all dumped back in the present day by a comet that touches down on an American beach. None of them have aged and they have no memory of who took them or where they have been. Homeland Security has been given the task of figuring it all out. It is a well-written story that has you on the edge of your seat but not so much that you feel stressed out by the end of the hour (unlike John Grisham movies which give me neck strain from all the jaw-clenching I do while I am watching them.) Do yourself a favor and check it out.

**UPDATE**: I just saw on the official site that the first season of The 4400 is available on DVD. Have I mentioned how much I love TV on DVD?
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