11 June 2005

Health Update

That's it! I'm ready to go into denial mode. I am up two pounds this week. I do not want to look at the scale any more. I may even take it out of my bathroom. Despite increasing my exercise this week (one hour and 25 minutes total), I still gained weight. Either I need more exercise or I am getting too old to eat what I want and let aerobics take care of burning it off. It worked for me three years' ago, but I guess three years can make a big difference.

The bright side of this penny is that I've felt pretty good this week. I hate to acknowledge the benefits of exercise because that would be too close to saying I like exercise, which I definitely do not. The closest I come to enjoying it is liking the way I look when I execute a dance move gracefully. There's no denying, however, that my mood tends to be brighter and I interact with other people more easily when I am shaking my bon-bon regularly.

What is this week's plan? I will try to increase my exercise total to two hours. I've pretty much given up on altering my diet. With five other people in this house, I can't make radical changes to our grocery list without opposition. Coming home from work and standing in my kitchen for 30 minutes to come up with a cheap yet healthy meal is not something I am willing to do. Exercising and watching my portion sizes is all I can manage.
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