25 June 2005

Health Update

This was not a good health week for me -- but then do I ever have a good health week? Even on my good weeks, there is plenty of room for improvement. Anyway, I only exercised 33 minutes (on Monday). I just couldn't face exercise the rest of the week. Intellectually, I know that exercise is good for relieving stress but I would rather wallow in my bed with the TV blaring. So I gave myself permission to do that this week and now I feel better.

Meanwhile, ABM has started on his plan to make healthier choices. First up -- weaning himself off sodas. I'm hoping I can get him to try the Leslie Sansone video since it is too hot to walk outside during the summer. If I he likes it, then he can do it with me and I won't have an excuse for not exercising on Thursdays and Fridays (his days off).

My breakfast this morning reinforced the saying, "Size matters". The same packet of oatmeal that I eat Monday through Friday didn't look as satisfying today. Why? Because on weekdays I prepare my breakfast at work and I make my oatmeal in a little styrofoam cup. Today, that same amount of oatmeal in a cereal bowl didn't look as filling. Using smaller plates and bowls is a suggestion that all the diet books give, but it really hit home this morning.
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