28 June 2005

Here's a look at the start of my next baby sweater. It is a newborn pullover knit in a checkerboard pattern. The yarn is some ancient Wendy DK wool (not superwash), as you can tell from that lovely dusty rose color that was so popular in the 1980s. The pattern is easy enough for me to do on the go, but I may have to get a different yarn. I got this in a grab bag and I understand now why the previous owner let it go. Every 12 inches or so, there is a break in the yarn. At first I thought it was just one ball, but all three balls seem to have these splits. It is very frustrating to deal with, but the purpose of knitting baby items was to use up the small amounts of yarn that I have. What am I going to do with this stuff? Do I slog through and deal with the breaks or do I throw it out?
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