29 June 2005

Podcast Talk: The Dorktones

Let me start off by saying I am aware that the rest of the podcasting world is talking about iTunes 4.9 and its new podcast functionality. I'm going to hold off on discussing iTunes and Odeo (which sent out invitations for its beta a few days ago) because I haven't had time to use either application very much. The upcoming holiday weekend should give me plenty of time to play on the computer, so I will probably bore you with my opinion next week.

This is the time of month when I have worn out my welcome at Launch radio and I start looking for another online music option that isn't going to irritate me. I haven't had much luck finding music podcasts that I like. Part of it is due to my desire to stay within my musical comfort zone. Much of what is available in the podosphere is independent music, or "podsafe" music. Until recently, however, the independent music I'd heard was so grating that it made Hole sound like the Andrews Sisters. I want to hear some good music in a style that isn't totally foreign to me. Enter The Dorktones podcast.

The Dorktones are a retro-1960s band from the Netherlands, but the show doesn't feature their music. This is a weekly one-hour podcast all about the rare soul, surf, and powerpop gems that their DJ manages to unearth. Although most of the music was recorded in the 1960s, DJ WJ will toss in songs from any decade if they fit the vibe. A recent theme show (#18) on psychedelic music has some "groovy" commercials thrown in, and it is a hoot. Even the artwork on the site has that 1960s feel. The DJ's accent was a little difficult for me to understand at first, but he doesn't talk that much so it isn't distracting. This show is an all-around good time.
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