02 July 2005

Health Update; Hairspray!

Despite an improvement in my mood, I didn't exercise at all this week. I worked longer shifts this week and didn't feel like exercising when I got home. Not much else I can say until I get back on the wagon.

Last night, I saw Hairspray with my BFF Rabbit. I'm old enough to remember when Broadway touring companies didn't come to this area, so it is still very special to me when I get to go to a show. It was wonderful! It was so good I almost cried right there in the theatre. I know I shouldn't romanticize the 1960s, especially since that decade wasn't kind to my race. Still, I adore pre-1965 music, clothes, and hairstyles. This show gave me all of that in abundance. And the dancing! It made me want to jump out of my seat. I wish I could remember some of those moves so I could dance along with the CD. I hope that either the rumours of a movie version come true or that the community college mounts a production so that I can afford to take M to see it.

The performance was especially sweet because the understudy for the Tracy Turnblad role was a NC girl and she got a chance to go on. Her parents were two rows ahead of us and they were practically shimmering out of their seats. When she took her bows, she was laughing and crying at the same time. Rabbit and I were so happy for her and we didn't even know her!
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