02 July 2005

Live Aid memories

I have Live 8 on in the background today as I go about my work. I'm sure many people are having Live Aid flashbacks as they watch it. When Live Aid took place in 1985, I was 18 and still living in my mother's house. We lived way out in the country with no cable television. I watched the concert on small black-and-white TV tuned into a fuzzy UHF station. It felt so cool to be watching something live from another country, and the fuzziness made it a bit more of an adventure like tuning in a ham radio or something. It seemed like such a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I am almost sad that they are doing it again. In today's world of "all access, all the time", I'm not sure that a global concert will have the same impact that it had 20 years ago.
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