30 July 2005

Health Update

Perhaps 260 is my ideal weight. That is the only explanation left for why my scale refuses to move. I have walked a total of 10 miles this week and watched my portion sizes. I've stuck to the Splenda in my coffee and gone down to one cup a day. What gives?

Some women start dieting in their teens. Although I've always been a big gal, dieting was the last thing on my mind until I became 100 pounds overweight. Yep, folks, I am officially obese and I don't want to stay this way. Now I feel like I am jumping from diet to diet, trying to find something that will work and hitting a brick wall in every direction. It occurs to me that perhaps I am not ready to make that final commitment. To truly change the way I eat and improve my health, I must either commit my time or my money. I keep jumping because each plan I've tried seems to be too much work, and I can't afford convenience foods over the long haul.

In another leap, I am considering Weight Watchers. NotMissy did WW before and is convinced that it will work for her again, but she hates to go to meetings alone. I wouldn't mind going but I am loathe to pay the membership fees. The money I paid for eDiets several months ago is still bothering me. On the other hand, having the extra support of a buddy and weekly check-ins might be what I need to keep me accountable and encourage me that the work is worth it.
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