02 August 2005

Weight Watchers; Crazy Knitting

Thanks to those of you that shared your positive comments about Weight Watchers. Some opinions on the internet have me worried about upselling at the meetings, so I will talk to NotMissy about the meetings in detail when she comes back from vacation. Counting points still sounds like a bit of work to me, but when I was counting calories it became second nature once I got going. Perhaps WW will be the same way.

Every knitter has been caught up in the gift-knitting delusion. You know what I mean: someone's birthday is fast approaching and you talk yourself into believing that you can knit a sweater in two days. Well, I have fallen into this trap more than once. This time, I am attempting to knit Hush-Hush in nine days. If you aren't familiar with the pattern, that is 360 stitches of fingering weight yarn knit in the round on size 2s for about 35 inches. For my non-knitting friends, it is like trying to knit a nightie for an adult using toothpicks and dental floss. If I can get past the feather and fan lace on the bottom by tomorrow, then I might have a shot at finishing it.
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