20 July 2005

Podcast Talk: Podcast Awards

Even if you've only followed a couple of my podcast suggestions, then you have heard pleas to vote for your favorite shows on directories/ranking sites such as Podcast Pickle and Podcast Alley. With the advent of iTunes 4.9, many listeners are being asked to sign up for all their favorite podcasts again through iTunes to help them place on the top 100. I suppose this is part of the hobby's growing pains. No one knows which ranking site will come out on top as most respected so podcasters are scrambling to get top exposure on every new site that comes along. Hopefully, the Podcast Awards will help to change all of that.

The Podcast Awards are sponsored by Podcast Connect, a company created to sell production services to podcasters. This is a people's choice award, meaning that the nominations were made by listeners and the winners will be chosen by listeners. There are 20 categories, and some of the big names like Dawn and Drew have shown up in more than one category. The voting is set up so that you can vote repeatedly through the month of July by returning to the site once a day. That sounds like an invitation for people to "stuff the ballot box", but it is nice for someone like me who can't make up her mind between two great shows. So vote now and vote often!
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