25 July 2005

Why was I so worried?

Whenever ABM makes a comment about my lack of style (which is not too often so don't send him hate mail), I alway wriggle out from under it by reminding him of the high-maintenance women that many of his friends have married. "Would you want me spending the light bill on hair appointments and leg waxes?", I ask sweetly, knowing that his answer will be "no."

Well, one day his answer wasn't "no." Although our budget is tight, he felt that we could squeeze out the money for a little eyeshadow and such. I wasn't convinced. I was sure that once he saw me making repeated beauty item purchases, he would start complaining abour the cost.

I have to admit that I was wrong. Today, I scolded him for using my $5 body lotion (I hear you laughing, but $5 for lotion is a splurge to me). He was using it every day, and I told him that I was trying to make it last because it was expensive. His response? "Your cosmetic purchases haven't even registered on my budget radar." Wow! I guess having an attractive wife is worth the expense to him. Mind you, the expense is at Avon prices and not MAC, but I was still afraid it was too much. I'll get over this fear of spending one day.
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