06 August 2005

Health Update

Nothing much has changed. I'm avoiding the scale, but I feel that I haven't lost any weight. The exercise walks seem to be going well, though. My legs have been sore for several days this week, probably due to the increased pace set by the exercise podcast that I have been using.

ABM is still avoiding bread and sugar, although he insists that he isn't doing a low-carb diet. He avoids the scale even more than I do. Although he knows that two pounds a week is a healthy and reasonable weight loss, he gets disappointed when he sees the scale moving so slowly. It is easier on him to weigh once a month.

I'm very proud of ABM right now because he has started exercising in the gym they have at work. In the past his excuse has been that he gets too sweaty and doesn't want to use the showers. I guess he has gotten over that. I'm glad because it is a shame to have a free gym available and not use it.
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