08 August 2005

Did I finish the last minute gift? Of course not. After trying Hush-Hush twice and Sitcom Chic twice, I am sitting here with the toe of one sock and no hope of finishing the pair before tomorrow morning. I guess I'm just going to treat the birthday girl to lunch.

If I had been thinking clearly, I could have used my knit-along project as a birthday gift. One of my co-workers is a new knitter who was working on her very first project when I met her. After browsing through several of my knitting magazines (yes, I am an enabler), she decided she wanted to do a felting project. Since I've never felted, either, I figured it would be a good project for a knit-along. We are using the felted bag pattern from the 2005 issue of Knit-It. I didn't even notice that pattern when I flipped through the magazine. I have riches at my fingertips and I don't even know it!
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