13 August 2005

Health Update

It's the return of the tracker! I've been avoiding the scale for a while, but I'll be stepping on it every week now that I've joined Weight Watchers. There's no use in keeping the bad news all to myself :-).

Yesterday was my first full day of WW, and I already faced my three biggest challenges: night time snacking, eating out, and entertaining. NotMissy and I had plans to watch movies at my house. When we made the date, we weren't doing WW so I had planned to pig out on Papa John's and make some special non-alcoholic mixed drinks. We spent at least 30 minutes yesterday poring over the restaurant guide, trying to figure out the most delicious meal we could get and stay within our points. We ended up getting grilled chicken sandwiches and I'm glad; they turned out to be more filling than two slices of veggie pizza. Still, it was difficult not to go in the kitchen while we were watching the movies and grab a snack. Every time I thought about a snack, I took another sip of water and knit another few rows. I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot of knitting over the next few weeks!

The exercise went well this week, but I'm starting to feel the desire to add in more. My supervisor has gotten stricter on us as far as break time, so I'm getting about 20 minutes of walking a day at work (10 minutes less than before). I'm thinking about adding some crunches and weight exercises while I watch TV at night.
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