20 August 2005

Health Update

I lost four pounds at my weigh-in on Thursday. Since I was only expecting to lose one or two, this is pretty cool. I don't usually have a big weight loss the first week I try a new plan. Even if it is only water weight, it is still encouraging to lose that much right at the start.

Part of the reason that I did so well this week was that I have a freezer full of Weight Watchers' meals. One of the grocery stores in our town is going out of business, so ABM loaded up on a lot of stuff. I've been eating them every night for dinner, but next week I am going to try to cook regular dinners. This is where I fell down on eDiets. Living on Lean Cuisines and other frozen entrees can be expensive, but without them I fell back into my bad eating habits. This time, ABM is keeping plenty of chicken breasts in the freezer. Even a so-so cook like me can come up with several quick, healthy meals that include chicken breasts.

My exercise this week has been walking on my breaks at work. That is 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Next week, I am going to try adding sit-ups when I get home. Ab exercises are my least favorite thing because I can't seem to do them without making my neck hurt. I know that I am supposed to focus the exertion in my abdomen, but I can't help pulling myself up with my neck muscles because my ab muscles are so weak. I have a balance ball and it helps a bit, but I suspect that I am too heavy for it. When I get on it, I squish it into an egg shape. It doesn't look like that when the instructors on TV use one!
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