21 August 2005

Make Way -- Obsessive Personality Coming Through

I remember now why I only read one or two novels a year. I can't put anything down. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a webcomic called MegaTokyo that has been going for five years and its entire archive from day one is online. I stayed up until 1a reading the first two years. The only reason I stopped was to prevent my neck from hurting (the way my computer desk is configured, my neck starts to hurt after a few hours). Tonight I am at it again. It is 11:40p and I have to get up at 6a, but I am still reading.

When I get interested in something, I become totally absorbed. All reason and sense of time passing goes out the window. The flip side of this is that I burn out quickly. When it comes to hobbies, once I learn the basic techniques and try them out once or twice I don't have any desire to continue in that hobby. I burned through so many crafts during the '80s that ABM was afraid to let me loose in a craft store because he knew that I would spend even more money trying to find that elusive "perfect" avocation. That's why I am surprised that knitting has held my interest past my initial infatuation period.
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