15 August 2005

Nothing I ate today was particularly satisfying. I am down to one point and I am least 10 points' worth of hungry. There's nothing good to watch on TV and I am too tired to do housework. I would be sleeping right now if my kids weren't wide awake. Unfortunately they are still young enough to need supervision but too old to put up with going to bed while the sun is still shining.

I'm reading a book on the Harvey girls. This book came from the junior section of our library and I'm guessing that it is aimed at middle-schoolers, considering that there was mention made of prostitutes. I had forgotten how much I enjoy reading light history books. When history books go heavy on the analysis, they lose me. I like a history book that reads almost like a novel. This is the kind of stuff that I was reading with M right before we quit homeschooling. I miss learning new things with her. Other parents seem to do enriching stuff outside of school, but I feel like she has enough homework and I don't want to bog her down with more. All of my kids have so much reading that is required for AR points that there isn't any time to read for fun. Can you tell that I am not ready for school to start next week?
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