24 August 2005

Podcast Talk: Slate Podcasting

Today, I just want to do a quick mention of a daily podcast that I enjoy. It is from Slate, an online-only news and pop culture magazine. Every day, Andy Bowers reads one of the articles that have been published on the site. Each episode is less than 10 minutes and is always informative. Recent episodes have been as disparate as a review of a CNN news show and a history lesson on the origins of ranch dressing. I always learn something when I listen and not just about pop culture; the explanation of why judges give a single person more than one life sentence is something that I wouldn't have researched but I am glad that I have that information. Mr. Bowers is an excellent presenter. As much as I like "indie" podcasts for the raw feel of their recordings, I also appreciate podcasts that sound totally professional. Mr. Bowers sounds like he is just talking to you instead of reading from a script. Go subscribe through iTunes or download the individual mp3s straight from the site.

Now I am off to fill out the 2.5 pounds of paperwork that my kids need for the first day of school!
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