28 August 2005

This is why I no longer call this a knitting blog

What have I been doing with my free time this weekend? Well, I can tell you that there wasn't much knitting involved. Thanks to Websnark, I've spent two afternoons checking out webcomics and setting up a reading list. This is madness, especially since I barely keep up with all the blogs on my Bloglines list. However, the tidbits I have been picking up about the new TV season don't sound promising. I have a feeling that I will be doing more reading than television watching this fall. Also, my marathon reading of the MegaTokyo archives reminded me how much I missed following an interesting storyline.

As much as I like words, however, I find that I am a bit shallow when it comes to which webcomics make my list. If I don't like the artwork, then I don't bother reading further. I'm sure that many of these comics have interesting storylines, but comics are a visual medium. If pretty pictures weren't part of the equation, then I would just read a novel instead.
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