18 September 2005

Fall Knitty

I haven't seen too many comments about the new fall issue of Knitty on any of the blogs that I frequent. I finally got around to taking a look for myself. Several of the "piquant" patterns looked more like "extra spicy" to me, what with all the cables and charts. The only two patterns that jumped out at me right away were Flora and Astrodome. I doubt that I would knit Astrodome because I don't do a lot of colorwork, but I might attempt Flora. It uses small amounts of yarn and I am always looking for stashbusting patterns like that.

The KnittySpin column is an interesting addition. I don't spin but I liked reading about Amy Singer's quest to learn. So many knitters are also spinners these days so a knitting magazine without spinning content seems odd to me now. I also enjoyed Purple Chihuahua. Stories about how people learn to knit can be as boring as labor stories (everybody thinks that just because you have had a baby, you want to hear how they had theirs), but Heather Nicaise made hers entertaining.

It is unrealistic of me to expect Knitty to be filled with "mellow" patterns. I know it must be tough for a designer to make a pattern easy and innovative at the same time. Still, I keep searching for that magic pattern because I'm afraid of anything that requires me to concentrate too much. Patterns with charts and long instructions aren't conducive to knitting on the go.
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