24 September 2005

Health Update

I'm right where I was last week (7.6 pounds lost). ABM took me to Weight Watchers for my weigh-in but I couldn't stay for the meeting. The good news is that after moving my digital scale upstairs and resetting it, it is now in line with the WW scale. If I miss another meeting, at least I can have an accurate weigh-in.

I exercised a bit harder this week, and my body is complaining. Besides the normal soreness in my upper body from the crunches and pushups I added, my right knee and right foot are killing me. The most likely reason is the increased pace of my daily walks. It is very frustrating to finally be motivated to exercise but have my body stop me from going full-on. I'm still holding on to the hope that these problems will go away once my weight goes below 200. My DVD workouts have been sitting on the shelf, but I think I am going to give them another go starting this week. I'm really feeling the desire to dance!

The cafeteria at work is my constant downfall. I keep telling myself I will get a salad, but when I get in there I end up getting the more fattening sandwich or entree. When I do have a salad, I feel like I am missing something. The funny thing is that lately when I have the entree it isn't as good as I thought is was going to be and then I feel bad that I wasted the points.

With fall right around the corner (yes, I know it officially started yesterday but it is still 90 degrees here!), I am going to try a new strategy. I love soup, so I am going to press my crockpot into service and start making soup to take to work with me. I'm paying for a WW eTools subscription that includes a recipe database so I need to put it to use. I am also going to try eating at my desk more often so I can avoid the temptation of the cafeteria until I am stronger.
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