06 September 2005

Hop on over to Craftster; OKC

Craftster fits my crafting sensibility. Whenever I read the name of that site, in my mind I extend it to "crafty hipster". I like the idea of 20-somethings embroidering their rockabilly clothes or painting replicas of their tattoos on their kids' onesies. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time to troll all the different forums. Enter the Craft Challenge. Lots of cool projects located in one place, and you get to vote for your favorite. Challenge #5 caught my attention in particular; it was called "No Yarn Allowed". The brief was to use a technique that usually requires yarn with some material. Check out the entries here. My favorite is the bikini that was knit from strips of pantyhose.

Guess what I was working on today? An afghan! My sister called me on Sunday and I was expecting a long chat, so I grabbed the Gaudy Rambling Rows Afghan. This project has been stalled at square 12 for about three years. We didn't end up talking long, but it was long enough to get me interested in knitting that pattern again. Unfortunately, I used the bright purple yarn that I had set aside for this project so now I can't continue the color scheme I planned without going shopping. I could use the dusky purple yarn that I have on hand, but it would bring down the tone of the afghan. I call it "gaudy" because when I started it, I was trying to reduce my stashette (I'm always trying to reduce my stashette) so I threw together all the no-lot acrylics I had. It was intended to be a scrap afghan but it turned into a color scheme and now I am not sure that I want to mess it up. However, if I don't find a suitably flamboyant purple yarn at the discount store tomorrow then I will use the dusky purple just to keep the process moving. I've made some progress in using up my yarn and I don't want to lose momentum.

I've also been working on the Pom Squad anklets from Mag Knits. My socknitting experience isn't extensive (about five or six complete pairs) and I haven't run into this kind of heel. I'm accustomed to the short-row heel; the instruction to "knit the wrap" is confusing me. I just ignored it and the heel seems to be OK. I won't be sure until I finish the sock. Hopefully, I can take some photos tomorrow.
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