16 September 2005

Racing a baby

The camo baby blanket is knitting up quickly, but I'll have to put it aside for a few days. My longest circular needle isn't long enough to finish this project. ABM promised me that I could buy a Denise interchangeable set with the very next paycheck, which we get on the 23rd. I've been waiting to buy a set for three years, so I am very excited. Since I don't have a yarn shop here, I'll be ordering online. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'm hoping to have the needles in my hot little hands by 01 Oct.

I've almost finished knitting my first Super Saver skein, and I bought three. I think I may use two for the blanket and turn the third one into a Five-Hour Baby Sweater with a hood. I find that if you knit the 5HBS with a hood in a strongly masculine color, fathers are distracted from the lacy bits and are less likely to call it a girly sweater.

Sharon asked in comments if I would be posting a photo of the camo blanket. I hope so, but the new mom looks like she is ready to pop any second even though she isn't due until the end of October. I may end up giving it to her before I can photograph it. As a matter of fact, I think I better start that 5HBS tonight!
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