12 September 2005

So much for decreasing the stashette

Three babies in my area are about to make their appearance, so if I am going to do any baby knitting I need to buckle down. Yesterday, I bought seven skeins of yarn because I have absolutely nothing appropriate in my stashette. Despite what the late Mrs. Zimmerman felt about babies preferring wool, the stuff in my stashette is all scratchy and ugly. I would show you my purchase, but this isn't some handpainted/handspun/I-must-sell-my-children-to-own-it stuff. I really wanted to buy yarn from KnitPicks but most of their line seems to be "hand wash only". So I fell back into my old habit and bought the cheap stuff. Red Heart is my friend!

First up is a baby blanket made from camoflauge Red Heart. Some may think that camo is too dark for a baby, but this is for an African-American baby boy. I used this same yarn to make hats for my own son and they went so well with his coloring. Besides, I like to use non-traditional colors for baby blankets so that they can be used for a long time. The pattern I'm using is the square shawl pattern in the February chapter of "The Knitter's Almanac". I've had this book for over five years, yet I have never knit anything from it. Every time I look at the patterns, they seem too complicated. I don't know why I never noticed how simple the shawl pattern is. So far the knitting is going well. I hope to finish it this week, but realistically it will probably be the end of next week.
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