05 October 2005

My reluctance to spend money (especially on myself) is well-known among my friends, online and in real life. Every once in a while, however, I snap and start spending money like a sailor on shore leave. My purchases are rarely the ones at the top of my priority list and I feel a bit sick when I'm done, just like the aforementioned sailor. So here I am, coming clean with a list of my indiscretions.

--A set of Denise needles and two balls of Dancing yarn from Knitpicks. This order arrived on Saturday and I haven't even opened the box yet. Go ahead, take away my knitting license :-).

--Six pairs of new panties. In my defense, I needed them and the total purchase was only $10.

--Two Lascivious Biddies CDs. I was only going to buy one but when she said they were two for $25, Rabbit talked me into getting them both.

--Jumpstart 2nd grade software for DJ. It was only $1, and I paid $25 for the kindergarten and first grade versions of the same software.

--A $2.99 electric massager from Goodwill. No, it isn't that kind of massager. I got it for my back. Honest.

--A used Handspring Visor Deluxe from eBay for M. She's been wanting one of those cheap electronic date books that are in every Scholastic flyer for $16. I spent the same amount of money and got her a real PDA.

--A used Palm M505 for $55, also from eBay. I don't feel that I should take the full blame for this purchase. ABM saw it on my watch list and bid on it when I wasn't looking. The man is very susceptible to auction fever; I gotta keep an eye on him.

Hopefully, I will be able control myself for a while now that I've got the spending jones out of my system -- at least until it is time to go Christmas shopping :-).
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