02 November 2005

Blog Guilt

I know that many of you have experienced this feeling which is unique to our internet age. When I wasn't working, I set up a routine of reading a list of blogs every morning with my coffee. Since all bloggers don't update on a regular basis, I slowly started adding blogs to my aggregator so that I would always have something to read. I became a regular commenter on the blogs I liked, partly to encourage the new bloggers and partly to experience that special feeling you get when you are a regular anywhere ("...where everybody knows your name/and they're always glad you came...") Now, however, I don't have time to read all these blogs. Currently, I have 75 feeds on my Bloglines list and I haven't read them in almost a month. The funny thing is that I feel bad for not reading them. I feel like the bloggers can see me skipping them every day and they are disappointed. I know that most of these people don't even know who I am, but I still feel guilty. It's like I started something and didn't finish it.
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